Landmine Boys aims to build a sustainable business that focuses on the eradication of landmines. Our main goal was to ensure the safety of human operators and so we are tackling the demining tasks which place operators in direct contact with the landmines: excavation and neutralization. We are designing machines to perform these two tasks in order to significantly reduce direct interaction with the landmine.

Christian Lee

Christian is a mechanical/software specialist with a love for robotics, and has expertise in the programming side of robotics.

Richard Yim

Richard is a mechanical engineer who excels at business development through experience with his previous startup.


Initially, the project was to build a machine to simply neutralize a landmine without causing an explosion. However, after talking with multiple NGOs in Cambodia, we have greatly shifted our focus. The picture seen below is our very first prototype which we tested in Cambodia.


Coming soon!

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Richard Yim: richard@landmineboys.com
phone: 519-729-3885